Pharmacology 1

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  • Pharma 1 flashcards
  • 1. Definition of pharmacology and the related subjects. Drug development
  • 2. Drug names, drug compendia. Prescription writing
  • 3. Drug formulations
  • 4. Basic mechanisms of drug actions
  • 5. Characterisation of agonist-receptor interaction. Occupancy, affinity, dose-response curve, potency, efficacy
  • 6. Significance of signal transduction mechanisms in the effects of drugs. Tachyphylaxis and tolerance to drugs
  • 7. Mechanisms of drug antagonisms
  • 8. Transport of drugs across membranes
  • 9. Absorption of drugs, oral bioavailability and presystemic elimination
  • 10. Plasma protein binding and tissue distribution of drugs
  • 11. Biotransformation of drugs
  • 12. Excretion of drugs
  • 13. Pharmacokinetics: zero and first order elimination, volume of distribution, clearance, elimination half-life, oral bioavailability, loading dose, maintenance dose
  • 14. Cholinergic agonists and cholinesterase inhibitors
  • 15. Muscarinic receptor antagonists
  • 16. Neuromuscular blocking agents
  • 17. Agents acting on the biosynthesis, storage, release and elimination of catecholamines
  • 18. Adrenergic receptor agonists
  • 19. Adrenergic receptor antagonists
  • 20. Pharmacology of protein and peptide mediators, the purinergic system and nitric oxide
  • 21. Local anesthetics
  • 22. Histamine, antihistaminic drugs
  • 23. Pharmacology of eicosanoids. Drugs acting on smooth muscle
  • 24. Drugs used to treat bronchial asthma
  • 25. Drug treatment of allergic rhinitis. Antitussives, expectorants and mucolytics

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