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My name is Nikolas. I’m a student at the University of Pécs Medical School in Hungary, and I’m the webmaster and main author of this webpage. It’s made as a learning supplement for a handful of subjects for students at the University of Pécs Medical School in Hungary, often called just POTE (the abbreviation comes from the Hungarian name of the university). However, it’s proven useful for people all around the world.

Everything is written by me and ms. worldwide (unless stated otherwise). I mostly base these notes on lectures, internet sources, and books.

I believe in freely available and free information, which is why I have made this public.

If you have any corrections, objections or wish to discuss something with me, you can contact me by mail found on the “contact” page, or leave a comment.

Have a nice day!

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello Nikolas!
    I found your website unintentionally while I was searching for textbooks of advanced immunology. I was suprised by what you and your girlfriend have built in your website, including explaining the textbook knowledge and sharing tips for exams, also other useful sites of your friends. You all did a very admirable work! It is no news that life for medical students can be very very busy but you still make these done perfectly. Salute!
    And I learnd a lot from your website since I am in a transforming status from molecular biology to immunology and trying to push my research from fundamental to clinical. I have several friends who major in medicine and I have recommended your site to them. Hope it could help them.
    Again, it is really a great job you have done. And a lot of thanks to you!
    Besides, if you have anyting about fundamental researches and clinical trials (or anything else) to discuss, please feel free to write to me.

    1. Hello Yue!

      Thank you for the kind words! I hope the website can be of use to your friends, and I’m glad you found it useful.

  2. Dear Nik,
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much. Your work has helped me tremendously and continues to do so semester upon semester. The information is direct and straight to the point and covers the exact material that is required here in POTE – they really don’t make it easy for us here, but your notes help create the perfect template.
    You deserve all the success that comes your way and more.
    God bless, and once again a great big thank you to you, and those that you are affiliated with too 🙂
    Keep going!

    1. Dear Mr. or Mrs. Keep Going

      Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. I wish you all success too!


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