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17 thoughts on “Psychiatry”

  1. Heyy, (Q. 37) based on this semesters lecture, the types of Bipolar disorder are:
    – Bipolar I (1% prevalence) = at least one true manic phase and true depressive phase (18-25 yrs)
    – Bipolar I and II (3.7%) = hypomanic phase (mild mania) and serious depressive phase
    – Bipolar III = recurrent depression + anti-depressant induced hypomania
    – Bipolar IV = depression superimposed on hyperthymic temperament
    – Bipolar V = recurrent depression without hypomania, but during the depression mixed hypomanic state (irritability, agitation, flight of ideas)
    – Bipolar VI = Bipolarity associated with the progress of dementia
    – Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

  2. Hi do u have link of flashcards for these questions and answers ? I cannot use Anki in my device
    Thank you

    1. I don’t have any flashcards in other formats than Anki. However, anki flashcards can be converted to other flashcards (quizlet, cram, etc.) You could perform this conversion and upload them to any flashcard site

      Are you sure anki’s not supported on your device? there are apps for both Android and iOS.

  3. Hey there, I already read the instructions in case the password isn’t working, but I still can’t log in to read your psych notes…
    The password is still the old one, right?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hello
    I noticed that you updated psychiatry on 11th( 2 days ago ) , can you please let me know what did you change ?

    1. It’s far too much work for me to list all the changes. They’re all small changes (for clarity, explaining things better, cleaning things up), so you don’t have to worry that you’re missing out on anything important.

  5. Hello Nikolas,
    Unfortunately, I cant see your notes for psychiatry. Did you remove them? Will you upload them again?

  6. Hi! The most common delusional disorder( Q. 147) is not the jealousy delusion. The most common is the persecutory delusion.

  7. I highly disagree with the fact that my favourite question and delusion is the nihilistic one. Did you just analyze me?

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