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  1. Heyy, (Q. 37) based on this semesters lecture, the types of Bipolar disorder are:
    – Bipolar I (1% prevalence) = at least one true manic phase and true depressive phase (18-25 yrs)
    – Bipolar I and II (3.7%) = hypomanic phase (mild mania) and serious depressive phase
    – Bipolar III = recurrent depression + anti-depressant induced hypomania
    – Bipolar IV = depression superimposed on hyperthymic temperament
    – Bipolar V = recurrent depression without hypomania, but during the depression mixed hypomanic state (irritability, agitation, flight of ideas)
    – Bipolar VI = Bipolarity associated with the progress of dementia
    – Bipolar Spectrum Disorder

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