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Two good friends of mine, Milica and Magnus-Andre, have made a website where they publish their neuroanatomy notes! It looks great, has great notes, and is made by great people. If you have neuro I’m sure it will be of great help!

Medstudent HELP

Medstudent HELP channel

Two other good friends of mine, Husam and Majeed, have a youtube channel where they publish awesome videos explaining pharma 2. I believe they also intend to make more videos, so subscribe to them!



Amboss is an invaluable resource for medical students – I use it many times daily when studying. It is an encyclopaedia which has articles on virtually everything you could want as a medical student, anything from anatomy, histology and embryology to almost every important condition in every clinical subject. I think it’s valuable for students in all years.

POTE students get access for free (details how in this link), but it’s not super-expensive anyway, as long as you opt for the version without many questions monthly. You see, in addition to being an encyclopaedia Amboss offers a question bank, which is extremely well-made and expansive, with hints and explainations and everything. Unfortunately, the questions don’t line very well up with POTE’s cirriculum. They’re still worth a look, though!



Clinicalkey is a medical website which accumulates loads of medical content, everything from books to journals to clinical trials. For us med students, it’s value lies most in its books. It’s super easy to use, and I use the books available there every day when studying. It has books on every subject; some notable examples include Guyton’s for physio, Rang & Dales for pharma, multiple books for radio.

POTE students get access for free (details).



UpToDate is an evidence-based medical resource which collects information from clinical trials and evidence and uses that information to create condensed articles on all kinds of topics. It’s mostly useful during the clinical years, as there are articles on how to diagnose, stage and treat many different conditions and symptoms. I use it a lot.

POTE students get access for free, but to be honest I can’t remember how I got it. I think I only had to register an account when on the eduroam wifi at POTE. It’s also free for anyone in Norway, so anyone can use a Norwegian VPN to get free access.

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