• 0. Oogenesis and the menstrual cycle
  • 1. From the ovulation until the implantation
  • 1,5. The second week of development
  • 2. Formation of the trilaminar germ disk and the folding
  • 3. Differentiation of the mesoderm. Development of the serous membranes and the body cavities. Malformations
  • 4. Development of the skull. Growth of the bones. Malformations
  • 5. Development of the blood vessels. Malformations
  • 6. Development of the face, formation of the nasal and oral cavities. Malformations
  • 7. Differentiation of the pharyngeal arches. Malformations
  • 8. Differentiation and derivatives of the pharyngeal pouches and clefts. Malformations
  • 9. The intestinal tube and its derivatives (with the exception of the pharyngeal gut). Malformations

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