Pharmacology 1

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Flashcards for what was previously pharma 1 (topics are mostly the same but out of order): Anki here and cram here.

For what was previously pharma 2: Anki here and cram here.

NB: Topic 28 is missing because it didn’t exist when I had pharma. However, I’ve written a bit about fluids in Anaesthesia and intensive care topic 6.

After reordering the topic list, some topics refer to other topics by the wrong number. If you find one, please leave a comment so I can correct it.

Interesting fact you already know: many of the drugs mentioned in the lecture are not used anymore. You can use this website to look up the drugs which are registered in Hungary, and you’ll find that many of them aren’t registered anymore. Drugs not found on the register, or found with a “TT” status, are generally no longer available.

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