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General information

As a medical student at the University of P´écs Medical School, writing and defending a thesis which is related to the medical profession is obligatory. There are formal requirements to this thesis, including a minimum page limit of 30 pages. During the studies (with a deadline sometime toward the end of 5th year), you must find a supervisor and a topic to write about. The deadline for the thesis to be finished and delivered as a printed and bound copy is sometime during January of 6th year (this year it’s January 19th 2022). Then, the thesis must be defended orally sometime within the beginning of April the same year. Unlike some other universities, no “class-free” or “practice-free” time is granted to work on the thesis. You’re expected to work on thesis while having classes/practices/exams.

You can find all the formal thesis requirements, as well as deadlines and other information regarding the thesis, here, at the document titled “Thesis requirements, final closing examination”.

You’ll note that the margins of the thesis look quite odd, but according to the formal thesis requirements, the margins should be 2,5 cm for the right margin and 4 cm for the top, left, and bottom margins. This is for reasons related to the binding.

My thesis

As it has become custom for me to share my work and experiences at this university on this website, I’ve decided to share my thesis. I hope it may be of use in some way.

I began work on my thesis in February of 5th year. I spent a few hours every Monday after class almost all of that spring semester doing only thesis work, and I’m really glad that I did. During that time I finished approximately 80% of the work. I stopped working on it as exam period closed in, but when I picked it up again in November of 6th year, it was already almost finished, and I could finish it during December without too much work.

When writing scientific papers like a thesis, you’ll need a reference management tool. Most use Mendeley, but I used Zotero. I used the “American Medical Association 11th edition” style of citation.

Most students don’t begin thesis work until 6th year has already begun. However, 6th year (rotational year) is already a lot of work, especially if you do practices abroad (as you’ll be expected to be at the hospital 7+ hours every day and travel back and forth). I recommend everyone to begin thesis work before 6th year begins, especially if you’ll have rotational year practices abroad.

If you’re a researcher looking to use my work for any scientific research, please keep in mind that this is the work of a simple medical student.

12 thoughts on “Thesis”

  1. Bro where can we see the thesis result on Neptun ? Is it on grade book like the rest of the subjects or somewhere else

  2. I was curious should it be printed in a4 as a book or the measurements are different ? And where do you recommend I get it printed in pecs, the school copy shop ? Thanks

    1. It’s printed in a special book format I think, but I think all copy shops in the vicinity know how to print it properly. I think I used one in Alkotmány.

  3. With the scholarship for academic reasons, do the optionals/electives count as well or just the obligatory subjects ? In other words in the 5th year say I register for 20 elective/optional subjects (a lot of subjects!) and get 5’s on those, and get like 3’s 4’s on the obligatory subjects, will I still be able to get it if the GPA is still over 4 ? Also, how does it work if we get it, will the uni send it back to our bank account or it’ll be reduced from the tuition fee in the following semester ? Thanks a ton, hope what I’m asking makes sense

    1. Electives and optionals do count, but from what I remember the weighted average, not the “regular” average, is used to calculate. This means that a 5 in a 6 credit subject counts 6 times more than a 5 in a 1 credit subject.

      I think what you do is you ask for delaying the tuition fee payment, so that they have time to process the reduction request before the fee is due.

    1. I don’t know if there are formal requirements, but if there’s someone you’re interested in being your supervisor, try asking. I’ve never heard of anyone being declined.

    1. If I recall correctly, your designated opponent suggests one grade and the panel you’re defending against gives the final grade. The supervisor is usually in the panel.

  4. Hi, I was wondering what do you mean by reference management tool ? I’m currently starting my thesis on depression and suicide, does that mean I should type ‘depression and suicide’ on Mendeley for eg, and use articles from there ? Or I can just google search it and use whichever links are useful ?

    1. Hello future Dr

      I meant that using the tool to keep track of the references makes working with references in Word much easier, allowing you to easily create the [1] and [2] for citations, as well as the citation list on the end.
      How you find your studies is up to you. You can Google search if you want. PubMed is also a good source.

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