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  1. only the student is entitled to receive this benefit who has completed all the obligatory subjects of his/her recommended curriculum* (in the academic year that is the basis for calculation or earlier), has completed minimum 26 credit points in both semesters.

    Bro can I ask a question regarding the tuition fee for academic reasons, does the above statement mean 26 credits of only obligatory or includes all obligatory, optional, elective subjects ? bcos I asked RO and they didn’t explain shit.

    also say I finished some 5th year subjs in 4th year, and I did well in 5th year, will I still be eligible since technically I didn’t do all 5th year subjects in the 5th year itself (I finished 3 subjects earlier in 4th year) I’m a bit confused

    1. I think it’s 26 credits including electives and optionals, but you have to have completed all obligatory subjects for that semester too.

      I can only assume that being finished with subjects earlier than possible wouldn’t make you ineligible, but only RO can give a definitive answer. Good luck!

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