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The EGSC and HÖK have published a questionnaire regarding quality changes of the theoretical education. It asks questions regarding the biochemistry curriculum, midterms and the quality of lectures, among other things. There is a text box where you can write any improvements you have. Please take 5 minutes to answer it truthfully. You can find it here.

Here are some of my points for improvement. If you agree, please write it in the questionnaire:

  • Many lecturers are really bad at lecturing and making powerpoints and should undergo training or at least receive help when making the powerpoints.
  • It should be compulsory for lecturers to publish the PowerPoints, and this should be done before the lecture itself.
  • Lectures should be recorded and published so that students can rewatch them at home
  • The powerpoints should emphasize what’s important to know and what is only there to “spark our interest”
  • The biochemistry curriculum involves much unnecessary knowledge
  • The biochemistry and physiology MRTs are useless
  • The physiology practices are mostly useless and should be replaced with seminars

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