My Public Health 4 experience

I had Public Health 4 exam today. My examiner was Prof. Katalin Németh. She was very nice. There was a co-examiner present as well but I don’t know her name.

You draw 2 topics, one from the first half of the topic list and another from the second half. You then sit down and are given 15 minutes or more to prepare your topics.

My topics were “28. Epidemiology and prevention of enteric viral infections” and “12. Food additives”.

12. Food additives

I basically said everything I wrote down. They asked me if I could name some examples of how additives could increase the quality (like changing colour, taste, smell, consistency) and whether I knew what Chinese Restaurant Syndrome was (I didn’t tell them that initially). The examiners look at each other, shrugged 🤷‍♀️ and determined that there wasn’t much else to ask here.

28. Epidemiology and prevention of enteric viral infections

Once again I started by saying what I had written down. They asked a couple of questions:

  • Where else can you have outbreaks of norovirus? (Hospitals, kindergardens, schools)
  • How is the seasonality of these diseases? (Norovirus is more common in the winter)
  • What type of vaccine is the rotavirus vaccine? (Live attenuated, I answered wrong here)
  • When do we give the rotavirus vaccine? (Early after birth because it’s most fatal in infants and young children)


I got a 5 and the exam was over relatively quickly. The examiner was super nice and the other students who had the exam at the same time had similar experiences.

I recommend you to take this exam after you’ve studied for micro 2 as there is significant overlap in the second half of the topics.

I didn’t have time to do the last 3 topics. These notes are based on the lectures, but for some topics there were no lectures available at Neptun so I had to collect information from other notes and the internet. Some of the topics are really short because I really don’t know what they expect (like carcinogenesis).

I think Lee misunderstood a couple of topics (like skin infections) so keep that in mind if you use his notes. I recommend using the lectures mostly as I’ve heard of people just reading Lee, Guro or other notes and ending up failing the exam because some topics are misunderstood there.

Since writing this, I’ve written notes in all public health subjects. You can find them in the sidebar.


Pharma is the only exam I have left, so I’m gonna start reading and writing those notes now.

5 thoughts on “My Public Health 4 experience”

  1. Congrats 🎈🎉 You deserve all the best
    If you have time, could you pls share your micro experience?
    And good luck for pharma

    1. Thank you <3 You too!

      I wasn't planning on sharing the micro experience, but if you're interested then I will.

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