Oncology is out

Here. Only 10 557 words this time. Not all topics are finished, as only the lectures will be asked in the test on Monday, not the seminars (I had already written some seminar topics before they told us that). The unfinished topics will probably remain unfinished.

Now what?

9 thoughts on “Oncology is out”

    1. No, definitely not. First of all I hate ortho, and second appearently they only ask what was said in the lecture. So it’s better to just read/watch the lectures or some lecture notes, anyway.
      Glad you like my work though <3

      1. I also hate Ortho and I thought I would be more interested or have better mood to study it after reading your notes 😅

  1. Hey, so which of these topics are from seminars, and which are from lectures and will be included in the test?

    Thanks Greek Doc

    1. All the organ-specific topics were on lectures. There was also a lecture called “introduction to oncology” which contained some general information, written in the other topics. I suggest you check the lectures yourself if you don’t want to study all the topics here.

  2. Will you be writing oral medicine?❤️
    If so, I wont write my own because they suck compared to yours

    1. No, sorry <3 I don't like that subject and I don't have any real understanding of it.

    1. I won’t write the A, B and C rheuma topics but I am writing the “Mandatory requirements for a successful exam” for rheuma. I believe that’s a good place to start.

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