Psychiatry 1 experience

So I had psych 1 exam today. Yesterday we got an e-mail that the exam would start at 7:30. At 7:45 all of those who were signed up for today were added to a team, and we all joined a meeting with the examiner at the same time. The examiner was Tamás Tényi, and he apologized for the delay.

He wasted no time, asking the first student on the list for their ID as soon as we joined the meeting. After the ID he immediately started asking questions; there was no drawing topics or anything. Each person got 7 – 10 questions. In some cases where people couldn’t answer questions, he asked the same question to another student. These are the questions I was asked, and the answers I gave:

  • What are the dissociative disorders?
    • This was a question he’d asked two students before me, who didn’t know the answer
    • I listed dissociative identity disorder, dissociative amnesia, and depersonalization disorder. He wanted a couple of more, but I didn’t know any more.
  • What does depersonalization mean?
    • I couldn’t answer this, but he explained it to me afterward.
  • If a nurse induces haematuria in herself in order to get admitted to the hospital, what is this condition called?
    • I said “facticious disorder, also called Münchausen syndrome”
  • What is the Werther effect?
    • I said “copycat suicide, where the fans of a famous person takes suicide after the famous person does”
  • What are the ABC drugs?
    • I said “I don’t remember the C, but I remember aripipraxole and brexpipraxole”
    • It didn’t look like he minded that I didn’t know the last one
  • What is the mechanism of action of the ABC drugs?
    • I really fucked up here. I completely forgot that they are 3rd generation antipsychotics, so I said that I don’t know. He asked another student the same question, who got it right of course.
  • Which are the mood stabilizers?
    • I said “lithium, valproate, lamotrigine, and carbamazepine”
  • What is the most dangerous side effect of lamotrigine?
    • I said “Stevens-Johnson syndrome”

And with that, my exam was done, and I got a 4. I timed it, and my exam took approximately 4 minutes. The other people’s exams took a bit longer.

I’d say it’s best to try to keep your answers to the minimum, only answering his specific question and not talking around the subject. He seemed to appreciate short and concise answers.

Since last experience I’ve passed ophthalmology, dermatology, forensic, surgery, gastro, all written. Dermatology and forensic had written chances during the semester for the first time ever. Dermatology was easy, forensic was horrendously difficult. I hope forensic learns not to make the test this difficult for future years.

My next exam is neuro 1, on Monday.

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