This semester’s notes and Anki

This is the link to this semester’s notes and Anki. The only notes there are neuro 2, and I probably won’t write for any other subjects. The neuro 2 notes are getting close to finished. When they’re almost finished, I’ll upload them to the website like normally, and do the last edits directly on

For the first time, I’m making Anki flashcards. I’ve made flashcards in these subjects:

  • Nephrology – based on lectures and seminars
  • Neurology 2 – based on my notes
  • Paediatrics 2 – based on questions
  • Infectology – based on lectures and seminars
  • Psychiatry (same questions as last semester)

You’re welcome to use them if you want. Every time I add new cards I create a new file in the folder. Download the file and import it, and the new cards will be added to your Anki.

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