Collecting the written state exam questions into one document

The written state exam is May 25th. For those who are unaware, this exam consists of 180 multiple choice questions in 150 minutes, and all the questions are provided upfront on the website However, the website only allows viewing 20 questions at a time. Questions may change every year, and so documents from previous years containing all questions are likely not very useful. As such, it’s beneficial to find a method of collecting all questions into a document. Copying and pasting manually takes a lot of time, so I tried to come up with a better solution.

I don’t have a lot of experience with programming, but I knew that I know enough to program a script which automated the process. After a few days of working on it, it’s finished. The repository for the source code is here, and the code will likely continue to work in the future, and so can probably be reused in the future.

I’ve uploaded the document with all the questions to the facebook group for 6th year.

Next, I’ll try to automate the process of converting the questions to flashcards.

Edit: Flashcard conversion is done. The repository is here, and the flashcards have been uploaded to the facebook group.

Edit2: The link to the 2022 state exam questions anki is here. Note that questions may change from year to year, so it would be best if someone remade the anki every year using the tools I made (or with self-made tools).

8 thoughts on “Collecting the written state exam questions into one document”

    1. I did not. I can share them here, but I can’t guarantee that there won’t be additional questions or changed questions in the next year’s exam.

  1. Would you recommend going through these questions throughout the year (during the rotations, or just focusing on the oral exams)? Thanks.

    1. Absolutely would not recommend doing them before 2 – 3 weeks before the state exam. Just focus on the orals.

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