’s 6th anniversary and the

Hello friends!

Today is this project’s sixth anniversary. If this website was a human it should’ve been able to “bounce ball”, “copy triangle”, and “comfort those in distress”. I thought I’d commemorate this by giving you an update.

Match 1st 2024, only a few days ago, I started specialisation in a speciality which I don’t know how to translate from Norwegian, but I believe it is similar to “emergency medicine” in other countries (akutt- og mottaksmedisin in Norwegian). Up until that date, I was a LIS1, which is an obligatory rotational practice every doctor in Norway must complete before starting specialisation proper. I’m very excited!

I still work on, at least once weekly, by rewriting and copying topics to a new platform on a new website, aptly called You will recognise this platform, called mediawiki, as being the same platform Wikipedia is using. This platform is much better suited for this project than the platform this page is using (WordPress), which is actually a platform for blogs. If only I’d known that from the start so I wouldn’t have to transfer everything now.

Copying pages from here to there is time-consuming (I started doing that more than 18 months ago!) and there is still a long way to go, mostly because I cannot resist rewriting topics when copying them because writing topics is much more fun than copying old topics and ignoring how I know I can do a better job writing them now than when I originally wrote them.

There are many advantages to the new platform. My favorite one is that I can have a “main” or “master” page for a certain disease or subject (like heart failure), and I can then make the topics which are related to that subject extract the parts of that subject which are relevant for the exam in that course (for heart failure that would be pathophysiology, pathology, cardiology, clinical biochemistry, etc.). This allows what I write to be more “centralised” and more easily updatable and reusable across courses, and so that students will recognise material I write from previous courses. It’s also more satisfying for me than to write about the same thing in 5 different topics (probably the most important reason I’m doing this).

I’m also planning to implement a long-awaited feature which generates a pdf file of all the pages for one course, to ease offline use. The pdf will be updated automatically daily or weekly. I could technically implement this on (that’s what this will be called from now on) but I won’t bother with that when I’m moving platforms anyway.

Other advantages include:

  • better search function
  • easier to cross-link and navigate between related topics
  • ability to look up subjects without knowing the course it belongs to
  • Students can suggest changes to pages (maybe)
  • the little summary box at the top of the page (takes time to implement)
  • [other advantages I’ve forgotten about]

Because of my full-time work I won’t have a lot of time to dedicate to greek. I’ve also started (paid work) to write for the Great Norwegian Encyclopedia (store norske leksikon), which also takes time. But, is important to me, so I’ll take the time to work on it still. But don’t remain on the edge of your seats waiting for me to finish the migration.

If anyone would pay me to work on greek full time so I wouldn’t have to work clinically, I’d rewrite every single topic and write notes for all subjects I haven’t already written about. If not, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get that done. If anyone is interested, hit me up on email for business inquiries.

The new page is up and running and can be used, but not all topics can be found there yet. Many topics there have been completely rewritten or improved though, which may be of use. Try it!

Until next blog post!

11 thoughts on “’s 6th anniversary and the”

  1. Hey!
    Thank you for your work.
    I chuckled a little but how you love rewriting the topics haha, like your dedication and hard work is crazy ( in a good way).
    Keep up with the good work

  2. Wow! Amazing new website. It’s the way you still care about us even while you finished 2 years ago. Thank you Nikolas. You are the reason I get to graduate in June 🫶🏻😍

    1. Give yourself much more credit! You’re the one who passed your exams, not me!
      Happy graduation!

  3. Dear Nikolas,
    I simply can’t express how grateful am I (and we all!) for your work. I’ve passed numerous exams with your help.
    Although I’m not able to pay you to work full time on greekdoctor, is there any way I can support [financially] your dedicated work for this page?
    I’m just a broke uni student, so I’m not talking about millions, but I’d like to find a way to give back for your extreme kindness.

    1. Dear broke uni student

      I’m glad my work has helped you, but never forget that it was you in those exams, not me 🙂

      I decided early on not to accept monetary support for my work here. Also, as the lucky owner of a well-paying job, I couldn’t accept money from a broke uni student 🙂

      Please keep your money, and when you’re in a more stable situation economically, consider donating to those less fortunate or those who are war-stricken.

  4. Dear Greek!

    Hope your life as a doctor is going well! Curious, have you decided what specialty you want to pursue?

    1. My life’s going well!
      I’m currently pursuing something similar to “Emergency medicine”, which is a pretty new speciality in Norway. In Norway, it’s a subspeciality of internal medicine.

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