Cell surface markers

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Cell type Surface markers
Langerhans cell CD1, CD23, CD45
Dendritic cell CD1, CD4, CD45, CD80 (B7), CD86 (B7)
T-cell CD3, CD5, CD28, CD45, CD62L
Helper T-cell CD4 + T-cell markers
Cytotoxic T-cell CD8 + T-cell markers
Regulatory T-cell CD4, CD25 + T-cell markers
Activated T-cell CD25, CD152 (CTLA-4), CD154 (CD40L) + T-cell markers
B-cell CD19, CD20, CD32, CD35, CD40, CD45, CD62L, CD80, CD86
Marginal zone B-cell CD23 + B-cell markers
Follicular B-cell CD21 + B-cell markers
B1 B-cell CD5 + B-cell markers
Macrophage CD4, CD14, CD16, CD45, CD64, CD80 (B7), CD86 (B7)
Neutrophils CD4, CD14, CD16, CD45, CD64
NK-cells CD16, CD45, CD56, CD62L
Mast cells CD16, CD23, CD45
Follicular dendritic cell CD21, CD23, CD35, CD45
Granulocyte CD32, CD45
Red blood cells CD35

The unique markers for each cell type are bolded, if important.

Some CD molecules have other names as well:

CD16 = FcγR III

CD21 = Complement receptor 2 (CR2)

CD23 = FcεR II

CD25 = IL-2 receptor

CD32 = FcγR II

CD35 = Complement receptor 1 (CR1)

CD62L = L-selectin

CD64 = FcγR I

CD80 = B7.1

CD86 = B7.2

CD152 = CTLA-4

CD154 = CD40L

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