10. Differential diagnosis of cough.

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Differential diagnosis of acute cough

Etiology Typical features
Viral URTI (common cold) Rhinorrhoea, nasal congestion, fever
Pneumonia Fever, tachypnoea, SOB. Preceded by URTI
COVID-19 Rhinorrhoea, fever, sore throat. Many asymptomatic.
Croup Preceded by URTI, symptoms worsen at night, barking cough, stridor
Bronchiolitis Preceded by or coexistent URTI symptoms, wheezing
Foreign body Unattended small child, choking, onset after playing or eating
Pertussis Paroxysmal, “whooping” cough, vomiting
Measles Rash, fever, coryza, conjunctivitis
Tuberculosis Fever, weight loss, child from low-income country or low socioeconomic status

Differential diagnosis of chronic cough

Type of cough Etiology
Dry cough Recurrent respiratory infection
Foreign body
Mycoplasma pneumonia
Cigarette smoke (passive or active)
Productive cough Persistent bacterial bronchitis
Unresolved pneumonia

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