30. Causes of odema and ascites. Differential diagnosis.

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Etiology Typical features
Nephrotic syndrome Periorbital oedema, lower limb oedema, ascites, increased risk of infection
Chronic liver disease (cirrhosis) Jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, varices, ascites
Acute glomerulonephritis (poststreptococcal, HSP, IgA nephropathy, SLE) Periorbital oedema, haematuria, oliguria, hypertension
Heart failure Ankle oedema, ascites, tachycardia, tachypnoea, etc.
Kwashiorkor (protein malnutrition) Wasting, generalised oedema
Kawasaki disease Unilateral cervical lymphadenopathy, conjunctivitis, red cracked lips, polymorphic lips, erythema and oedema on hands
Protein losing enteropathy GI symptoms

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