A15. X-ray signs in the abdomen

Signs without contrast

Sign Description Condition
Pneumoperitoneum Air under the diaphragm Air inside the abdominal cavity, usually due to bowel or ulcer perforation
Air-fluid levels Horizontal air-fluid levels in the small or large intestine Ileus
Pneumobilia Air inside the biliary tree Biliary-enteric fistula
Coffee bean sign Dilated loop of twisted bowel which resembles coffee bean Sigmoid volvulus
Pneumoatosis intestinalis Air inside the intestinal wall Necrotising enterocolitis (premature infants)

Signs with contrast

Sign Contrast Description Condition
Barium and air enema Outpouchings of the colonic wall Diverticulosis
Apple-core sign Barium and air enema Apple core-like lesion Colon cancer

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