2. Anaemic infarct of the heart

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Organ: Heart (slice)


We can see two different slices of the heart in different levels. The bottom is the best for this diagnosis. On the left side, on the lateral wall we can see some pathology. There’s some black discoloration with a white layer around it. Around the white layer you can (kinda-sorta, in theory) see a reddish zone around the white. (The greenish area with something black inside is just an artefact from when they attached the heart to the glass with string.)

Diagnosis: (Transmural(?)) myocardial infarct


  • Rupture of coronary atherosclerotic plaque, upon which a thrombus grows, occluding the artery
  • Coronary spasm (contraction of the artery) (rare)
  • Embolism (rare)
  • Vasculitis (rare)


See slide number 3.

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