23. Abdominal aortic aneurysm, parietal thrombosis

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Organ: Abdominal aorta, kidneys


A segment of the abdominal aorta is seen. Almost the whole segment is covered by a huge thrombus. The thrombus is cut on the left side, revealing some lines.

The aorta bulges out to the left. The kidneys are smaller than normal.

Diagnosis: Abdominal aorta with aneurysm, large thrombus and atrophic kidneys


  • Virchow’s triad
    • Hypercoagulability
    • Endothelial damage
    • Abnormal blood flow


The lines of Zahn are alternating lines of fibrin (lighter) and RBCs (darker).

The kidneys are atrophied because of stenosis of the renal arteries.

See theoretical topic 25.

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