28. Bronchopneumonia

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Organ: Lung


The background of the lung has greyish colour, meaning that the parenchyme is normal. The lungs have many small greyish-yellowish foci. On the bottom there is a small cavity with a whitish layer around it. There is blackish discoloration on both the cut surface and the pleural surface (on the back).

Diagnosis: Absceding bronchopneumonia


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The small cavity with the whitish layer around is the remnant of an abscess that was cut out. Histological examination of this area would show liquefactive necrosis and purulent inflammation.

The blackish discoloration is anthracosis.

The many small foci are the signs of bronchopneumonia. Because this is an absceding bronchopneumonia there is abscess formation as well. Note that the whole lung is affected, unlike in lobar pneumonia. It therefore doesn’t care about the borders between the lobes; it crosses over them. Note also that the lung isn’t diffusely inflamed, but rather inflamed at many small foci; it’s multifocal.

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