32. Sarcoidosis – BHL

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Organ: Lung with hilar lymph nodes


We can see three enlarged lymph nodes in the hilum. They have white scarring.

Diagnosis: Sarcoidosis (Bilateral Hilar Lymphadenomegaly)


  • Unknown cause


Sarcoidosis is a disorder that can affect many organs, especially the lungs but also eyes, bone marrow and skin. It’s characterized by non-caseating granulomatous inflammation, meaning it doesn’t produce caseous necrosis (like tuberculosis does) but still forms granulomas.

The cause is still unknown. It might be caused by a pathogen but we don’t know which one. It affects young females most commonly.

A symptom of sarcoidosis is enlargement of the lymph nodes of the hilum bilaterally, or in other words, bilateral hilar lymphadenomegaly.

Diagnosis is made by x-ray and biopsy.

The white scarring seen on the preparation is the result of granulomas.

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