38. Cysta dermoides

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Organ: Ovary?


We can see an opened cyst with hair and maybe even teeth inside.

Diagnosis: Dermoid cyst


  • Unknown


Dermoid cyst is the most common type of mature teratoma. They can be found anywhere teratomas can be found, like the ovaries, testicles or anywhere in the midline of the body (for embryological reasons).

They frequently contain skin, hair, sweat glands, and can even contain bones and teeth. Our preparation definitely contains at least hair and maybe teeth. These are all mature tissues, showing the fact that a dermoid cyst is a mature teratoma and is therefore usually benign.

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6 thoughts on “38. Cysta dermoides”

        1. I see your source, but they can’t only be found in the ovary, so unless the teachers confirm or deny it I can’t be certain.

          I’ll say that it’s most likely from the ovary though, and that it really doesn’t matter too much where this preparation was taken from.

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