38. Hydatidiform mole

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Staining: HE

Organ: Placenta?


Both abnormal and normal chorionic villi are present, indicating that this is a partial hydatidiform mole.

The abnormal villi show hydropic swelling, making them much larger than normal villi. They also have a loose, myxomatous and oedematous stroma.

Diagnosis: Partial hydatidiform mole

Risk factor:

  • Asian countries
  • Women < 20 or > 40


Partial hydatidiform moles usually contain some foetal cells but we do not have to recognize those.

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  1. Hello, are you sure about the partial mole? In the Ivett Skript I´ve read about a complete one:)

    1. Well my teacher said partial, and the slide does show features of partial rather than complete.

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