59. Paget’s disease

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Organ: Breast


The nipple is firm, inflamed and hyperkeratotic.

Diagnosis: Paget disease of the breast


  • DCIS or invasive carcinoma


Paget disease of the breast is a manifestation of DCIS or invasive breast carcinoma where the nipple becomes inflamed and hyperkeratotic as tumor cells invade the skin of the nipple.

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4 thoughts on “59. Paget’s disease”

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  2. I just have a comment about the name ”paget’s diseases “ this the name of the bone disease but in the breast it should be called “paget’s disease Of the breast “ or “it has paget morphology “ meaning that it doesn’t invade past the basement membrane rather grows throw the ducts and reach the surface “intraepidermal spreading and it’s exclusive to breast cancer , our teacher didn’t like whenever anyone said paget’s disease and he went through all this to n the class

    1. No doubt, which is why I always use “Paget disease of the breast” or “of the bone” instead of just “Paget disease”.

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