65. Osteogenic sarcoma

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Organ: Long bone (femur)


Originating from the distal metaphysis is a large grey-white tumor. The tumor completely destroyed the whole bone.

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma

Risk factors:

  • < 20 years of age
  • Irradiation


The tumor raises the periosteum, which forms a very characteristic picture on an x-ray called Codman triangle.

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2 thoughts on “65. Osteogenic sarcoma”

  1. Hi,

    How do we know the tumor originates from the metaphysis and not the epiphysis?


    1. Osteosarcoma classically originates from the metaphysis. I haven’t seen enough cases to tell you whether it is obvious from the preparation that it does originate from the metaphysis and not the epiphysis, but I trust my teacher when he says that it did.

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