Regarding physiology 1 notes

For the physiology 1 notes I won’t add the individual topic to the menu on the sidebar. Please give me feedback on whether you miss the sidebar menu for these topics or not.

Also, can anyone tell me which topics are included in the physiology midterm and when it is?

9 thoughts on “Regarding physiology 1 notes”

  1. I understand you have much to do yourself, but do you have any unpublished material for the remaining topics, that you could have maybe published now? I love your notes and they help me A LOT! Thanku!

    1. Hey!

      No, sorry, this is all I have written for physiology for now. I might return later to write the remaining topics, but not before my exams are finished, which is probably before you have your exam anyway. Hopefully they’ll be done in time for physiology 2 next semester.

      I’m glad you liked them, though! I can see that the physio notes aren’t that popular, but I’m happy that it helped at least someone.

  2. Thank you for very good notes! I love them! They help a lot! The midterm is this week, friday the 15th of november. The topics included are topic 1-60.

    1. Thank you, glad you like them. I’ll do the remaining topics before the midterm, but I’ll skip GI tract for now. I need to start focusing on my own subject and I don’t think GI tract is the most important topic either way.

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