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Hey again

I’ve noticed that I can’t study a subject without writing at least some short notes about the subject. So I thought I might as well upload them too. They’re under “other subjects”. As I write radiology this week I’ll upload it there too.

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  1. hi nick ,
    first of all , thank you so much for your notes, they were amazing , i can,t thank you you enough for your hard work and passion.

    can you give me a overall advise for 6th semester, i was looking at the topics and it FREAKED ME OUT.
    so ,i was hoping for a advise regarding how how to control it during semester and etc,,,

    once again, thanks alot.

    1. Hey!

      I’m glad the notes could help you!

      Regarding the 6th semester, I don’t really have any specific advice. But it’s going to be fine. The topics freaked me out at first too. You’ve been amazing so far, so it’s going to be no problem for you. Yeah, the curriculum is a lot, so you should start studying early, but you can do it. You have good notes 😉

      I’d recommend you to look into pathoma videos. It’s an amazing man who explains pathology very easily and very fast. You should also get amboss – it’s a very good source that I use every day. We get it for free via POTE. Pathophys 2 is easier than pathophys 1. Pharma 2 makes much more sense than pharma 1. Micro 2 is easier than micro 1. It’s not all bad.

      Remember to relax before the next semester!

      1. Thanks alot for the reply and advise, nick
        I’m rested and ready to roll 🤘🤘🤘🤘

        Thanks alot.

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