Clinical Radiology

Had radio yesterday. It took place in the large lecture room at 400 bed, where the blood transfusion lectures were. The exam lasted 1,5 hours or something. There were also Hungarian and German students there, so it was packed. There are multiple different tests, so you neighbour doesn’t have the same questions as you.

Around 20 out of the 100 questions were questions related to images. The images were continously cycling on the projector, but they were also in the exam paper booklet thing, so you weren’t dependent on the projector. The questions were organized like this:

  • Simple choice related to radiology
  • Simple choice related to nuclear medicine
  • Multiple choice related to radiology
  • Multiple choice related to nuclear medicine
  • Relationship analysis related to radiology
  • Relationship analysis related to nuclear medicine
  • Like 2 true/false questions related to radiology
  • Images related to radiology
  • Images related to nuclear medicine

There were far more questions related to radiology than to nuclear medicine, but still a considerable amount of nuclear stuff.

The images were of relatively basic pathologies, like hydropneumothorax on CT, ascites on ultrasound, epidural haemorrhage on CT, etc. Although there was one nuclear medicine image which tricked everyone. It looked like kidney scintigraphy at first glance but it was actually bone scintigraphy of the femur or something.

I didn’t think it was too difficult, but then again I studied 6 days and wrote notes, so keep that in mind. However, most people I know passed with only a few days of studying. I counted the questions I was 100% certain of during the exam, which were 64. Although I later found out that at least one of those were wrong (I though it was kidney scintigraphy), so there you go.

We got the grade at 14:30 the same day, which was nice. I got a 4, which is good of course, but I actually like radiology and studied a lot for this, so I actually wanted the 5. But I didn’t know the answer to many of the questions, so I didn’t deserve it anyway.

I remember some of the questions which I didn’t know the answer to, so I’ll go back to the notes and add answers to those to the notes.

Last exam for me is derma next friday.

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