End of 7th semester exam period

Another exam period has ended. Hope it all went well for you. People like statistics, so I’m bringing ’em.

Page visits

The peaks at November 25th and 30th are due to robots. They spam the website sometimes.

On the graph you can see how the daily visitor and visit count has been from November 1st until today. It’s fun to see the graph gradually increase during the semester as the exam period closes in. It peaks in the days before week 1 and during it, as people are frantically studying pharma, patho and biochem 1. Good to see that many people took the christmas time off. You can also see that there are still some visits when POTE has vacation, which is probably mostly students from other places in the world.

As most of the subjects I’ve written for are subjects people usually take in the first weeks, I think it’s natural that we see the highest numbers of visitors in the first weeks.

The peak number of daily visits was 5659 the 9th of December. The peak number of daily visitors was 809 the 11th of January, which I can’t really understand. It was a Saturday. During the exam period there were a total of 153 002 page visits. During the semester there were 153 806 page visits, but that’s including those robot peaks, so in reality the number should be around 144 000.

We’re closing in on one million page visits. Taken today at 15:00.
Most people arrive at the page by typing in the adress manually or using a bookmark, but many are sent here from facebook, google and even bing and the russian search engine yandex. I think the facebook references are due to people sending links to greek.doctor to others on messenger.
This table shows which terms people search for when they end up here. That flag is South Africa, btw. Someone from South Africa doesn’t know how to spell greek doctor.
This figure isn’t so interesting, except for that the one german person who ran greek.doctor through plagscan.com, a plagiarism checker. I wonder what the result was.

During the exam period these were the top visited pages. The visit numbers are for this exam period. Scrolling further down the list shows that the most popular pages are the histo slides and macropreps for patho 1.

These were the top visited pages during the semester. I think this shows that people tend to study more generally across subjects during the semester, but during the exam period they study topics more specifically. Also that nobody studies macropreps and slides during the semester.

Top countries during the semester’
Top countries during the exam period. Maybe Hong Kong has exams at the same time as us? Also, Free Hong Kong!
Top countries since the exam period and up until the time of writing. Why are you 41 POTE students still here? Go chill


There are now a total of 788 comments on the website, 353 of which are mine. 788-353 = 435 comments are made by readers. I don’t have exact numbers, but the vast majority of comments arise during the exam period. I think I got 2 – 3 comments daily on average during this exam period.

Most comments point out mistakes in the notes, some ask for clarification, some ask for advice, but a few commenters are just here to flex. Here are some interesting comments.

Probably the most motivational comment I’ve gotten.
Sometimes other commenters understand comments better than I do. From here
I always look up what people ask about if they think something is wrong, but sometimes I don’t have the capacity to look stuff up. From here
Sometimes people find small mistakes that countless other people have missed. This comment corrected a mistake that had been in the topic since October 18, 2018.
It’s important to acknowledge your shortcomings. From here
The one where my career choice was insulted. Just kidding, this is one of my favourite comments, and it went exactly how I hoped it would go when I wrote “Danke”. From here
The one where both my secret identities as the true Greek Freak and as nipkolas were outed. From here
The real lifeprotips are always in the comments. From antifungals
My wonderful girlfriend msworldwide helping out in the comments. From here
This comment confuses me so much. It implies that the notes are written for laymen, which they obviously aren’t, and the language they use make it seem like it could be someone from the university, but they wouldn’t call it “pharmacological jargon”. Definitely one of my favourite comments, though. From here
The last comment made by Johannes. We miss you, buddy <3. He wrote a total of 37 comments before retiring (?). From here
This is actually a very interesting comment, because it appears to be written by a person rather than a bot, and it was written to the COPD topic, but the story is obviously bullshit and it’s just trying to sell snake oil medicine. Taken from here
I get a lot of spam comments, most of which try to sell amoxicillin online. It’s too bad these robots never comment that on the amoxicillin topic, that would be funny

Next semester

I’ve run out of statistics, and if I were to share every interesting comment this post would go on forever.

See you next semester/exam period!

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  1. I actually read through it all *hehe*. You write amazing notes and have a great sense of humor.
    See ya next semester, hero!
    Xoxo your blind friend🤙🏼

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