Other useful sites

I made a small page called “other useful sites” where I share some of my most used resources when studying.

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  1. Hi!
    Could it be interesting to maybe look at some statistics from the “corona” time, if the amount of views went up now compared to last semester at the same time? or is it just me who is curious haha

    1. I’ll definitely do that, but not until after the exam period. I can tell you right now though, that compared to the same period last year, there’s been an average of around 400 visitors daily (compared to around 200), and there’s been an average of around 1100 page visits daily (compared to around 600). So there’s definitely an increase, but it’s difficult to know whether that’s just the normal increase in views or due to corona. The number of page visits and visitors have steadily increased ever since greek’s inception, as it gets more and more popular and contains more and more content, I guess.

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