Introducing learning objectives in biochemistry

I’ve taken the liberty to rewrite most of biochem 1 to keep up with the (barely) changed lectures, and to try to explain things better. I’ve also added learning objectives to the beginning of each topic. The purpose of these learning objectives are to show what types of questions you should be able to answer after knowing the topic. The summary is moved to the bottom of the topic and includes short answers to the learning objective questions.

Announcing neuroembryology notes

Now that I’m (finally) done with biochem 1 I need a new project, and I’ve decided that it is going to be the embryology topics in neuroanatomy (all 25). If I finish in time I’ll try to do the histology topics as well, but no promises. I haven’t started either yet, but I’ll post the topics as I finish them.

Have a good summer!

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