9th semester notes

Here’s the link to the notes I’m writing this semester. Currently it’s only paediatrics and neurology, and I don’t think I’ll write any other notes during the semester. After they’re done, I’ll upload them to the website as usual, but while I’m writing them, they’ll be available in that folder. If I decide to write any other notes they’ll be in that folder, too.

To access them you must log in with your Microsoft Office user from POTE. That means neptuncode@tr.pte.hu, with the password being the same as your Neptun password.

If you get an error message saying that you don’t have access you’re probably logged in as your private user. Log out of your private user and log in with your POTE user.

Neuroembryology topics

I’m still going to finish the neuroembryology topics. Only 3 left!


I usually post some website statistics after each exam period, but I forgot to do it after the last one. I’m sorry to those of you who like the statistics, but I won’t post them now. I’ll remember to do it after the upcoming exam period, though.

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