Paediatrics 2 exam experience

The last of my 6 first week exams, the last card in the full house, was paeds 2. In the 10th semester there’s one opportunity for written paeds 2, which we’d discussed with the course director and we’d agreed that it’d be on Friday week 1, so everyone had it that day. According to the course director, it’d be an easy exam. According to another teacher, “something have to go completely wrong for you to fail it” or something. According to the email we got with information regarding the exam, the exam would ask the curriculum of “lectures and seminars” this semester, and not from last semester. The course director had also said this in the lecture. A major problem with this is that every group had very different seminars, teaching very different material.

The exam itself was a disaster. Each question was not marked with whether it was simple choice or multiple choice, and they told us at the exam that “we have to know” based on the answer options. There was no answer key, which is standard for written exams (1 + 2 + 3, 1 + 3, etc.).

There were also multiple questions related to last semester’s curriculum, about JIA, diabetes, otitis media, mastoiditis, and SLE.

As if that wasn’t enough, the questions from this semester’s curriculum were really specific and difficult. I’d paid attention to almost all the seminars and lectures and I found them really difficult.

Everyone was angry after that exam. There was something almost touching about literally everyone coming out from that exam and being like “What the fuck was that shit??”. Almost everyone I’ve talked to have said that it went to shit and that they don’t think they’ll pass. I think I might be able to get a 2.

To rub salt in the wound, they said we wouldn’t get the results back until Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s ridiculous because the first opportunity for the oral B chance is Tuesday, a chance which is completely wasted because no one could sign up for it because we hadn’t had our A chance yet.

Apparently when the Germans had paeds 1 written (which we wanted as well but weren’t allowed to have, we had to have it oral), they needed only 40% to pass. If that’s the case for us as well, it might be okay.

Edit: I don’t know what they ended up to use as the passing limit, but we got our results back this morning and I somehow got a 4. Exam week from hell ended in success 🎉

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