Pulmonology, Infectiology, Medical Genetics, and Endocrinology exam experience

The exam dates for these four exams this semester lined up perfectly the first exam week to allow for taking all of them in one week. They’re all written exams, so there’s no dignity to be lost in case of a fail, and I’d learned a bit during the semester, so there was a reasonable chance of passing, and I knew I’d probably never need a C chance for them, so the idea was that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying. My plan was to try all of them.

I don’t have much to say about each of them, though.

Pulmonology was the first, at 14:00 on Tuesday. The questions were mostly mediocre, as is standard in POTE written exam. We got the grade at 12 on Thursday. I got a 4 somehow.

Infectology was the second, on Wednesday. Like pulmo, the questions were mostly mediocre, but I somehow got a 4 again. They’d told us that the rules regarding written exams is that the tests have to “quarantine” for 24 hours before correction can start, which is why we’d get our grades in 48 hours. They stayed true to their words, and we got the grade at 12 on Friday.

Medical genetics was the worst of the bunch. It was at 8 on Thursday. Questions about stuff I’d never heard of before, questions I had literally no idea about. I was pretty sure I’d failed, but I somehow got a 3. Funnily enough, the department of genetics didn’t know about the “rule” infecto talked about, and so we got our grades later the same day, Thursday at 12.

The last of these were Endocrinology, which was at 12 on Thursday as well. This was, in my opinion, the least bad of the four. I walked out of there with a pretty good feeling, and got a 4. We got our endo grades at 15:00 on Friday. The head of endocrinology, Emese Mezősi, was present and she made some funny comments and had a relaxed attitude, which is unusual for teachers in higher positions. After reading the rules of the exam out loud, she said “don’t worry guys, the exam is easy”.

All in all it went well grade-wise, but it was very tiring to have to study hard every day with no rest in-between. I know at least four people who followed the same plan (except having public health final on Monday instead of psych, which is an even bigger achievement). It went well but I don’t think I’d recommend this to others.

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