17. Differential diagnosis of pathological abdominal masses.

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Differentiation between abdominal masses is usually by ultrasound. Clinical features are not very helpful in distinguishing them.

Etiology Typical features
Neuroblastoma Child <5 years, irregular mass, crosses midline. Anaemia, periorbital ecchymoses, bone pain, ill child
Wilms tumour Child <5 years, mass does not cross midline, usually incidentally discovered, not ill child
Lymphoma B symptoms, infections, anaemia
Hepatoblastoma Abdominal distension, elevated AFP
Ovarian cyst/tumour May have precocious puberty (if oestrogen-producing)
Intussusception Child <3 years, cramping with painless periods, currant jelly stool, abdominal pain
Hydronephrosis Neonate, oliguria/anuria, elevated kidney parameters
Crohn disease Dull, crampy abdominal pain, fever, weight loss, haematochezia. Lower right quadrant.

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