45. Aspergillosis of the lung

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Staining: PAS

Organ: Lung


On the lower right corner of a slide we can see an artery filled with PAS-positive rod-shaped fungi.

On the middle of the slide we can find necrotic debris inside alveoli.

On the top of the slide we can find normal lung parenchyme. Anthracosis is present.

Diagnosis: Aspergillosis of the lung


  • Immunocompromised patients


This slide shows a case of necrotizing pneumonia secondary to infection by the fungus aspergillus. The fungi themselves have PAS positive cell walls and can be seen in the artery in the lower right corner.

The fungi have septa that are PAS positive also, as seen on the figure below.

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  2. Septa in second picture are actually Hyphae which are basically fungi cells enveloped in one cell wall together.

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