15. Toxoplasma lymphadenitis

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Staining: HE

Organ: Lymph node


There is extreme(ly large) follicular hyperplasia, as seen by the abnormally large germinal centres. With higher magnification are small granulomas visible, so-called microgranulomas. In a small, triangular area on the right part of the slide can we see B-cells that resemble monocytes, so-called monocytoid B-cell hyperplasia.

Diagnosis: Toxoplasma lymphadenitis


  • Toxoplasmosis


Toxoplasmosis is a condition caused by infection by the parasite toxoplasma gondii. In 90% of cases is the condition asymptomatic. Especially those that are immunocompromised are at risk to develop symptoms, which includes lymphadenitis.

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Monocytoid B-cell hyperplasia. From the triangular area on the right part of the slide.

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