17. CLL or SLL infiltration in lymph node

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Staining: HE

Organ: Lymph node


It’s obvious that this is a lymph node, however the normal architecture is absent. The lymph node is filled by the tumor cells, which have destroyed the normal structure of the lymph node. The tumor cells themselves show only mild atypia/pleiomorphism. They resemble centrocytes and are therefore centrocytic or centrocytoid.

Diagnosis: Small lymphocytic lymphoma (or chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)


  • Not well known


CLL/SLL is the most frequent adult leukaemia. Because this slide shows affection of a lymph node, this is most likely SLL (although it could be CLL with lymph node affection as well).

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2 thoughts on “17. CLL or SLL infiltration in lymph node”

  1. Hi Greek. I would lyke to point out that teacher spoken yesterday that the prep diagnosis is SLL since it is lymph node involvement. It would apparently be a mistake to say CLL here, even though the prep is called CLL.

    Thank you for the great work! You are cool!

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