21. Oligodendroglioma

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Staining: HE

Organ: Brain


Both grey and white matter is visible, although the white matter isn’t very white anymore as it has been invaded by the tumor. The tumor also invades the grey matter, so tumor cells are visible everywhere on the slide.

There is cystic degeneration in the upper left corner.

Small cells with dark nuclei and a pale “halo” around them are characteristic for oligodendroglioma. This is called “fried egg” morphology.

Another characteristic finding is the presence of tumor cells around neurons.

The last characteristic finding is that of many small capillaries, which form a “chicken wire” morphology.

Diagnosis: Oligodendroglioma

Risk factors:

  • Nothing special


The gross morphology of an oligodendroglioma is rounded, soft and pinkish.

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