23. Congenital hydronephrosis

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Organ: Kidney


The pyelon (renal pelvis) is dilated. The cortex is atrophied (shrunk).

Diagnosis: Hydronephrosis


  • Obstruction of lower urinary tract


Nothing special. See theoretical topic 24.

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2 thoughts on “23. Congenital hydronephrosis”

  1. Hi!

    For the theory I would add:
    First there is an obstruction in the urinary tract, which can be acquired (eg.: tumor, prostata hyperplasy), or like in this case, congenital (eg.: urethra atresia, or urethral valve stenosis). This obstructs the flow of urine, thus dilating the proximal part of the UT (eg.: if there was an obstruction in the pyelon, the ureter wouldn’t be dilated, but a prostata hyperplasy would dilate the bladder, ureter and kidneys)
    In this case you can see only the kidney, which has a dilated pyelon, and atrophic parenchyme.

    1. What you said is very good, but it’s also mostly covered in the theoretical topic. I’m trying to reduce redundancy, so I’ll just refer to the theoretical topic instead.

      Thank you!

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