24. Clear cell carcinoma of kidney

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Organ: Kidney


A yellowish, lobulated well-demarcated tumor of roundish shape can be seen.

Diagnosis: Conventional/clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Risk factors:

  • Smoking
  • Von Hippel Lindau syndrome


Conventional renal cell carcinoma, also called clear cell renal carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor of the kidney. The tumor is yellowish due to the high lipid content of the tumor cells.

Despite it being a malignant tumor does it usually have a well-demarcated, expansile border. It can have a capsule as well.

Symptoms usually don’t appear until the late phase. Common symptoms include:

  • Haematuria with normal RBCs
  • Palpable mass
  • Costovertebral pain

If the tumor has spread beyond the renal fascia (or Gerota’s fascia) then the tumor is considered inoperable.

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