25. Wilms tumor

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Organ: Kidney


A greyish, lobulated tumor with no well-defined border can be seen.

Diagnosis: Wilms tumor = nephroblastoma


  • Sporadic (majority)
  • Genetic syndromes like WAGR syndrome, Denys-Drash syndrome


Wilms tumor is the most common malignant kidney tumor in childhood, although it can occur in adulthood as well.

The tumor is triphasic, meaning it has three different “parts” histologically:

  1. Epithelial part
  2. Stromal part
  3. Blastema part

The blastema part is the most important clinically. A higher proportion of the blastema part compared to the other parts equals a poorer diagnosis.

The greyish foci can be necrosis but it’s impossible to know for sure without histology.

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