50. Carcinoma of the uterine corpus

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Organ: Uterus


This preparation is made from a sagittal section of the uterus, which is why it may look weird. Three lesions are visible:

A thecofibroma, a benign ovarian tumor. It is yellowish.

An endometrial carcinoma. It shows all the typical characteristics of a malignant tumor, like lack of capsule, infiltrative border and poorly circumscribed.

A leiomyoma.

Diagnosis: Endometrial carcinoma, with thecofibroma and leiomyoma

Risk factors:

  • Increased levels of oestrogen
  • Metabolic syndrome


Some teachers disagree that the thecofibroma is a thecofibroma. I don’t know what they suggest it actually is, though.

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5 thoughts on “50. Carcinoma of the uterine corpus”

  1. Professor Bela said that some teachers think its a big lump of adipose tissue. But he thinks that is bs and that it is a thecofibroma

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