51. Mucinous, multilocular cystadenoma of the ovary

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Organ: Ovary


We can see a large multilocular (many smaller cysts inside the cyst) whitish cyst. There are no signs of solid tissue. The surface is smooth. It’s hard/impossible to find normal ovarian tissue.

Diagnosis: Mucinous cystadenoma of the ovary

Risk factors:

  • 30 – 40 year old females


Signs of solid tissue in this cyst would suggest malignancy.

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2 thoughts on “51. Mucinous, multilocular cystadenoma of the ovary”

  1. Hei! According to topic 58 you write that it is the cystadenocarcinomas which are multi- loculated, while the cystadenomas are single simple cysts. Wouldnt that make this a cystadenocarcinoma?

    1. I see your point, but there are probably more macroscopical features that distinguish adenocarcinoma from adenoma than the “loculisation”.

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