56. Fibroadenoma of the breast (repetition)

Page created on May 7, 2019. Not updated since.

Page created on May 7, 2019. Not updated since.

Organ: Breast


We can see a well-circumscribed, encapsulated tumor with an expansile border. The tumor doesn’t invade the surrounding parenchyme and fat tissue.

Diagnosis: Fibroadenoma of the breast


  • Unknown
  • Most likely an increase in oestrogen is involved


The tumor contains both proliferating ductal elements (adenoma) and loose fibrous tissue (fibroma).

In patho 1 it is only important to describe the tumor with the terms: encapsulated, expansile border and well-circumscribed. This is a benign tumor.

This type of tumor stands in contrast to breast carcinoma, and these two topics should be learned together and compared.

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