57. Carcinoma of the breast (repetition)

Page created on May 7, 2019. Not updated since.

Page created on May 7, 2019. Not updated since.

Organ: Breast


The tumor has no capsule, isn’t well-circumscribed and doesn’t have a clear, expansile border. The tumor invades the skin and surrounding parenchyme and fat tissue.

Diagnosis: Carcinoma of the breast

Risk factors:

  • Genetic predisposition
    • BRCA
  • Increases after 30 years
  • Positive family history
  • Nulliparity


The most important in patho 1 is to know the characteristics of malignant tumors compared to benign ones, i.e.:

  • Not encapsulated
  • Poorly circumscribed
  • No expansile border
  • Can metastasize

A special feature of breast carcinoma is that it causes retraction of the skin. The tumor is firm and palpable due to the desmoplastic neostroma.

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