32. Subdural haemorhage

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Organ: Skull


Along the right part of the skull is there a whitish layer. There is no such white layer on the left side of the skull.

Diagnosis: Chronic subdural haematoma


  • Minor head trauma


Subdural haematoma may not always cause death, in which cause the haematoma will be organized and turned into scar tissue. The presence of this scar tissue is called chronic subdural haematoma. This scar tissue is more vulnerable to further bleedings, meaning that new subdural haematomas can occur, meaning that we often find many layers of organization in different ages.

Subdural haematoma, especially the non-lethal, chronic type is more common in elderly. This population frequently has brain atrophy, which means that the bleeding has more space to expand and is therefore less likely to cause death. Atrophy also stretches the bridging veins, making them more prone to rupture and bleeding.

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